How to Become a Pirate

Welcome! Dying to know what it is like to live the live of a pirate?! Well say no more down Bellow is the steps that yuo will need to know and learn how to be like a pirate.

How to Look Like a Pirate

What you Need to be a Pirate

  1. Ship
  2. Crew
  3. A Pet Pariot or Monkey
  4. Treasure Map
  5. Looking Glass
  6. Lantern
  7. Compass
Crew Members Jobs Navigator Master Gunner Boatswain Captian Carpenter
Supplies Cannon Balls Fishing Hook Guns Planks Swords
Food Fruit Fish Water Veggies Bait for fishing
Loot Treasure Chests Treasure Skulls Explosive Barrels Chest of a Thousand Grogs Athenas Chest