Welcome to my Portfolio

Here is a Glimpse of Some of My Art...

Here is a clay sculpture of Apollo and Daphne I wanted to capture the Greek Myth it is related too.

Here is an emotional abstract drawing of a girl with vines coming out of her fingers who is encasing herself in her mess crying for help.

Here is a another clay sculpture of an octopus in a chalice I made this for someone who had made a request and yes it is a usable cup.

Here is a painting of Koi fish in a pond the intereting thing about this piece I ended up continuing it into a 64 piece canvas.

Here is a wire sculpture of an angle I wanted ot try something new and minipulate wire into a human form and I added feathers to it for a bit of pop.

Here is a ink print on Arches paper of a wood carving I had made and added color too as well.