Nature Photography

I enjoy taking pictures of nature and going out into the outdoors to explore. Taking pictures in nature allows me to keep memories of the places I have been.

Here is a photo from Wakefield park I stopped one day while I was riding my bike and took a picture.

Here is a photo of a rose I took. I sprayed water on the rose and took a photo of it with flash. Then I took the photo edited it and enhance the colors in photoshop.

Here is a picture of an amazing flower garden up in Conneticut I took this picture when it was a gloomy day and then brought the image into photoshop enhanced the colors and changed the sky.

Here is an image of the trees in Stanley park during the fall.

Here is an image of a lily. Every day when I walked home from school or to work when I was in high school I would see these growing wild in the woods. One day I decided to get up close and take a picture of it.

Here is a Picture of a forest. I was out on a hike and decided to take a pitcure with the camera pointed up at the trees becuase they looked so tall I figured it would look cool in a photo.