Animal Photography

Taking pictures of animals can be challenging knowing the right moments to take a photo sometimes spending hours to catch an image the way you want too.

Here is a photo of a Chipmunk that was runing around Stanley Park I had to chase and follow this little guy to get a shot of it.

Here is a photo of an eastern tiger swallowtail while I was in my YiaYia's village in Greece this butterfly was fluttering around her garden so I took a picture of it.

Here is a picture of the Koi fish in Stanley Park we had a day with my photography class where we all took a walk down to the park with our cameras and I decided to take pictures of the fish in the pond.

Here is an image of black ducks in Stanley Park that I took a picture of.

Here is an image of four geese I wanted to get a picture of them clustered together because it looked like they were having a conversation.

Here is a picture of a swan in the pond at Stanley Park I wanted to capture the swan covered in water so I waited until it brought its head back up from being under water.