Fashion Photography

When I take pictures of people I like to capture a mood and a setting that would go with the specific person I am photographing.

Here is a photo of my boyfriend Shane that I took of him when we went to explore a park he stopped to take a ciggarette break and I took advantage of the photo.

Here is a photo of my friend Janel we did a photoshoot this day and the funny part about this photo is there was a window of people behind me. I have her look down the alleyway and I set her pose.

Here is a picture of my friend Thor we took a photoshoot over at Market Street in Lynnfield I had him pose against a light post.

Here is an image of my cousin Lia we went all the way to Miss Worchester Dinner to do a vintage photoshoot I have her pose with the menu.

Here is a picture of my brother Nick we went on a hike up Mt. Greylock and I took a picture of him from behind and got the scenary in the picture as well.

Here is a picture of my friend Megan we did a photoshoot in a gravyard at sundown.