Places to go Explore and Have Fun...

Places in the Outdoors

  1. Hiking at Breakheart and Breakheart Beach
  2. Fishing at Prankers Pond
  3. Saugus Reservoir
  4. Fishing at Golden Hills
  5. Saugus Iron Works

Places Inside

  1. Ice Skating at Kasabuski and Hockey Town
  2. Square one Mall
  3. Roller World
  4. Bowling at TownLine/Mix360
  5. Comedy Club at Karloons

At Breakheart you can enjoy a nice walk or hike on one of the trails or go swimming in the lake and so much more.

Enjoy a nice and relaxing day casting a pole and fishing at Prankers Pond.

Explore a little bit of history and go see the Saugus Iron Works.

Have a fun night out bowling at townline with your family. Or enjoy a game of pool at the pool tables while you let your kids play in the arcade. Or go dancing at the club and bar next door at Mix360.

Enjoy watching a hockey game or having fun with friends at a freeskate event at Kasabuski or Hockey Town.

Have the need to shop and don't know where to go make a stop and walk around in square one mall.