Places to Eat...


  1. Iron Town Diner
  2. Hammersmith Diner
  3. Tumble Inn Diner
  4. I HOP


  1. Glens Roast Beef
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings
  3. Hooters
  4. Fudrockers
  5. Kellys Roast Beef
  6. Jimmies Steak House
  7. Outback Steak House


  1. Karloons
  2. ShoYu
  3. Out of Asia
  4. Hong Kong Express
  5. Oye's


  1. Prince Pizza
  2. Nick's Pizza
  3. Polcari's
  4. Victor's
  5. Giovanni's Roast Beef and Pizza


  1. Boarder Cafe
  2. Chipotle
  3. Casa Vallarta

Out of all of these breakfast palces I would have to say that Iron Town Dinner is by far the best.

Out of all the these places I would have to say Glen's is my favorite since I am gluten free I usually get a roast beef sandwich three way with horse radish without a bun and ontop of a plate of walffle fries and it is so good!

Out of all these places I would say Out of Asia is the best the food it colorful and they do combos as well.

Out of all the places I would say that Prince Pizza has the best gluten free pizza.

Out of all the places I would say the Boarder Cafe is by far the best they have great margaritas and chicken fajtas with corn tortias.